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Thank You

Dan and I are once again overwhelmed by your generous gift presented to us after this years reunion. I won't say planning these parties is easy, I will say the joy I feel when I look around the room and see old friends "re-kindle" lost friendships or establish "new" friendships, add in the "first timers" who come and experience the camaraderie that is special to our class and I become completely energized as I watch the transformation take place that carries us back to 1973; it is that which carries me forward to our next reunion. After 35 years we still feel and act like we're 18 (until the morning after!).

We truly appreciate your thoughulness and kind words that have come our way.

Go raibh maith agaibg,

Dan and Cherie

Gaelic translation: Thank you, may good things be bestowed upon you

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Until we meet again,

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